“A miracle” glass repair clinic opens in Safed

“A miracle” glass repair clinic opens in Safed

A miracle!

The glass repair service for the Safed municipality opened today and has been hailed by the community for its effectiveness in reducing the number of broken glass shards.

The business, which is located in the old building of the Safad Hospital, was created by a group of friends from a local construction company, and opened today.

A spokesperson for the business told Haaretz that the project was not just about making glass, but also about the “deeper transformation of our lives.”

“The building was used for medical equipment.

I started to repair broken glass as soon as I entered the building, and my goal is to help other glass repair businesses in the area to be able to do the same,” said Shimon Bar-Hen, the business’s founder.

The glass repairs are the first of its kind in Safad, which has been dealing with a number of serious glass shards since the beginning of the year.

The municipality has been in need of such repairs for a while, as it’s not easy to get glass repaired on site.

Bar-Han said that the glass repairs were also about finding a balance between the needs of the business and the needs for the city.

“The glass repair shop is not a business to raise a family.

I think the whole reason why we opened the business is to do for the community what we do for our families,” he said.

The owners of the shop are already planning to open another one in the next few weeks, he added.

“We want to create jobs and create opportunities for our community.”

The glassrepair business has already had success with its work, Bar-Dan added, adding that there were only two of them in the entire city.

The repair business was launched by Bar-Hanan and his wife, and the couple’s daughter, Eitam, who also helped to set up the business, according to Bar-Haaretz.

Bar Tamar, the head of the local public works department, told Ha’aretz that there was a shortage of glass repair workers and that they were also trying to find a solution.

“It is a difficult job.

We do not know how to make the glass that is broken, so it’s impossible to find the workers to fix it,” he explained.

“In order to solve the problem, we have to hire people, and it takes a lot of money.”

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