Fence repair: No need to worry about water damage

Fence repair: No need to worry about water damage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning residents to be on the lookout for damage to fence posts in California’s drought-stricken Central Valley.

The bureau’s announcement comes after an aerial survey revealed a “significant” number of fence posts were damaged or missing in the state’s drought season, including a portion of a fence that runs through a major aquifer.

More: The Feds say they’re still monitoring the situation, but that “we do not have any indication of any significant impacts to the public or to property” in the region.

The Feds’ drought emergency management agency has been urging residents to repair and maintain their fences, but the agency says it has not seen any significant damage.

The agency says they have received more than 3,000 calls from concerned citizens and have been making visits to the affected areas.

The agency says people should be aware that if they repair or install fences, they are responsible for the cost of the repair and maintenance.

It says this includes “the cost of re-routing or repositioning the fence, the cost to replace the fence and the cost associated with fencing maintenance.”

The agency is encouraging people to report any signs of damage or damage to fences to Feds.gov.

The Fords website also provides information on how to contact the Feds and report problems.

The drought is expected to be over in some areas by mid-March.

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