Sprint repair store in Adelaide’s West End is getting a makeover

Sprint repair store in Adelaide’s West End is getting a makeover

Posted November 12, 2018 06:17:51 It’s been nearly two years since Sprint announced a $1.5 billion deal to buy the Australian-based repair and repair company Repair.io, and the store is getting some love.

The newly remodeled shop is a nod to Sprint’s move from a “business as usual” mentality to a more tech-savvy, “go-green” approach.

Sprint says Repair.IO will be “part of the Sprint family”.

“This is a big change for us as a company,” says Sprint’s head of corporate communications, Tim Wilson.

“We wanted to build a shop that reflects Sprint’s growth and future.”

The shop has been overhauled with a new look and feel.

The inside is mostly empty, but the inside of the shop is bustling with people working, as well as a mix of Sprint employees and customers.

A sign posted outside warns against “drinking and smoking”.

The business model for Repair.”

Restrictions on alcohol, tobacco and gambling will remain in place.”

The business model for Repair.

I is similar to other Sprint repair shops in Australia, with a team of 15 people working on each repair.

It is not a full-time job.

Repair.ios has also added an “electronic service centre” in the front of the store, which will allow people to have their repairs done by an online service.

It says that while the shop will remain open to customers, “we’re not going to be accepting new orders until Repair.ius is fully operational”.

Repair.i has a strong reputation as a supplier of quality and reliable products, but has struggled to make any significant headway with customers.

The store’s former owner, the Australian National Automobile Museum, is moving its store to another location and closing it.

Repair is not the only brand that will be moving its location.

Repair’s former parent company, Australian Automotive Research Institute (AARI), is also moving its shop to a new location in the CBD.

“With the recent closure of the AARI store in the Sydney CBD, we’re excited to be relocating to a much more central location in South Yarra,” says Repair’s new owner, Tim Hughes.

The new location will allow the shop to provide a more central presence.

It will also provide a space for people to meet and chat, and for people who have questions about repairs to ask.

It promises a more “connected” shop.

A Repair.iac store is in the area, too, and a former Sprint executive says it is a place that will give the company a “new lease of life”.

It is one of a number of shops and services that are being brought online by Sprint.

“The way Sprint operates has been very focused on getting its customers more connected and better connected,” says Wilson.

The move to a digital-first approach has been a big focus for the company.

Sprint was one of the first US wireless carriers to offer voice services, and Sprint said it would be bringing the same approach to other services such as email, chat and social media.

It also plans to build out its mobile app and website.

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