How to get a motorcycle repair clinic in Kerala

How to get a motorcycle repair clinic in Kerala

Kerala has one of the lowest rates of motorcycle repair clinics in the country.

The Motorcycle Repair Centre (MRCC) has one-third of the state’s population and has about 1,000 technicians who perform routine repairs for motorcycles.

However, with a population of less than 500,000, the MRCC only performs half the number of repair clinics, the Times of India reported.

The state has also been ranked as one of India’s worst in the way the national government has conducted the Motorcycle Safety Act, which has been accused of allowing some private companies to operate unscrupulously.

The Kerala State Road Safety Authority (KSRSA) has been criticized for not doing enough to monitor the safety of motorcycles and for failing to enforce the law.

According to a report by The Hindu newspaper, KSRSA has been criticised for failing “to provide the information and support that the law requires and the facilities that are necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of the riders”.

The government of Kerala had been facing criticism for failing the Motor Vehicle Act in recent years.

Last year, the KSRAA was ordered by the Supreme Court to give the state a clean chit for violating the Motor Vehicles Act.

However it only handed down a clean-up order for the state government’s failure to follow the law, the report said.

In 2016, the government of the country’s most populous state was ordered to make major improvements in its motorcycle accident-prone roads.

But the K SRAA has also made a major contribution in this regard, it said.

The state’s MTC has been given the task of improving the state roads.

“There is a lot of work to be done to make these roads safer and more conducive for motorcycles,” the report added.

The Kerala State Council for Bicycle Safety and Traffic Management has been working on this aspect for a long time.

Its chairman N N Thimasudhan said the state council was planning to make its own motorcycle-safety standards, and the MRCA was the first to make them.

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