“I just need to fix a few things”

“I just need to fix a few things”

A pair of leather seat covers that came with a $2,500 appliance repair project in Michigan were damaged in a fire that killed the owner and her young son.

According to a report from the Ann Arbor News, the damage to the seats and the seat cover came when the stove on the stovetop broke during the blaze.

The owner, who requested her name not be used, suffered a fractured spine and her son suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Both were taken to the hospital.

The repairman who purchased the seats from a local dealership for $1,200 told the newspaper that he did not immediately report the problem to the dealership.

But the repairman told the owner’s son that his father had been inside the home when the fire broke out.

He said he was worried because he was also inside the house when the blaze started.

The repairsman said that his job was not easy and that he had to walk the length of the property to reach the stove and to find the cover to replace it.

He also said he had difficulty finding the proper bolts for the cover, which he said had to be purchased from another company.

The next-door neighbor who owned the home told the Annampian that the repairsman had not told her about the problem until after the fire.

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