Vacuum cleaner repair service in Australia shuts down after ‘pink slime’ outbreak

Vacuum cleaner repair service in Australia shuts down after ‘pink slime’ outbreak

A customer in Brisbane says he had to call in his warranty for his vacuum cleaner after a pink slime outbreak began in his home.

Key points:A customer called in his vacuum warranty after a problem began in a house in the town of Mount GambierMr Ting said he had been using the vacuum cleaner for the last three monthsMr Tings family owns a vacuum cleaner factory in the cityThe customer was advised of the outbreak by the company’s technical support team, who told him to take it to the nearest hospital Mr Tings said he called the company on Wednesday after the incident occurred.

“The technicians said, ‘Look, you’re about to get hit with a pink cloud.

Let’s go’,” he said.”

So they took me to the hospital and I had to get stitches.

They had to do all the operations, everything.

I think they were going to charge me.”

He said the incident was not his first.

In 2014, Mr Ting received a pink smelly cloud when his vacuum hose was running.

“It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last time, but it’s definitely one of the worse ones,” he said, adding that the incident had taken a toll on his family.

“There are so many issues that have happened over the last two years.

So many people have had issues with their vacuum cleaners and so many people are getting hit with pink smells.”

Mr Tingle’s wife said she was not surprised by the incident, which she said was caused by a lack of care for the vacuum hose.

“We’ve had lots of issues with our vacuum cleaners, it’s a big problem,” she said.

The customer has been told by the manufacturer that he will be receiving an upgrade to the vacuum in a few weeks.

“That’s the only way to deal with this,” she added.

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