Why is it so hard to find an English-speaking partner?

Why is it so hard to find an English-speaking partner?

The search engine giant has been criticised for its failure to match people who are in the UK with jobs and opportunities in the country.

The company is also the subject of an internal review after the resignation of its chief executive, John Lewis, and a number of senior executives in the past month.

What’s the big story in search?

UK searches for the word ‘search’ peaked in 2017 and the average monthly traffic of the term has risen to 3.5 million.

How has it changed?

The number of people searching for ‘searching for a job’ in the first half of this year was the lowest in two years.

The rise in searches for ‘a job’ is linked to a rise in the number of job vacancies, which is linked with an overall increase in demand for the term ‘job’.

However, it is also likely that people are searching for different kinds of jobs, which means it is likely that the number is increasing but not necessarily the average.

What are the implications for the UK economy?

The growth in the term search in 2017 was fuelled by an increase in the availability of jobs in the US.

It is possible that this increase is linked, in part, with the fact that the job market is tightening.

The US economy has a strong job market, with more than a million people working in the industry in 2017.

However, the job vacancies are likely to be a bigger problem.

What to do about it?

Search engines like Google and Facebook can help to ensure that the search for a specific job is based on people’s skills and qualifications rather than a fixed number of applicants.

However there are ways to help ensure that job seekers are matched with jobs in their local area, by sharing information on job vacancies on local websites.

It’s also important that jobseekers can be confident that employers will not use the term as an excuse to reject them.

How can employers get in touch?

Employers can contact the search engine or Facebook to ask them to remove the search term and to remove information on the job vacancy.

They can also contact the British Jobcentre Authority to make sure that job vacancies do not include any negative or abusive references.

It could be difficult to verify whether the job is genuine or not, so it is important that employers check the terms and conditions of their contracts to see if they are up to the job.

Where can I find more information?

The BMA can be contacted by telephone on 08457 90 90 90 or by email on job.gov.uk.

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