When was this photo taken?

When was this photo taken?

It is the second photo taken of Julio reposada.

The former president is believed to have been poisoned by the CIA in 1976, and his health has deteriorated ever since. 

The photo has since become a popular tourist attraction, and many people visit it to take a closer look at the former president’s face.

The image has been used in books, movies, television programmes and newspapers across the world, as well as in films and TV shows.

What happened to Julio repocado? 

In December 1976, Julio reprosada died.

He had been poisoned in a CIA facility in Cuba, which is now called the National Institute of Medicine (INM).

The picture has since been used widely as a source of information about the former President’s condition. 

The former President died of liver failure.

The INM has been accused of falsifying evidence, and was convicted of corruption in 2014.

The investigation into the death of Julio has been ongoing for almost a decade. 

In a statement released in November 2017, Julio’s son Julio Reynoso said: “The picture of Julio was taken in 1977 in a hospital and not in a military hospital, and it is impossible to say who was responsible.

It was not an official document.

Julio’s son also said that the photo had become a “trendy tourist attraction” for Cuban people. “

The photo is an extremely valuable treasure for all those who see it.”

Julio’s son also said that the photo had become a “trendy tourist attraction” for Cuban people.

“It is a photo that has become a source for people to find their memories, and for them to connect with Julio.” 

Image copyright AP Image caption Julio reposes at the Presidential Palace in Havana, Cuba in November, 2018 Image caption The photograph of the former Cuban President was published in newspapers in the US, the UK and Canada in November The photo was taken by the photographer of the newspaper, Josep Montoya, who was working for the Miami Herald at the time.

Montoya said he was trying to show that the former leader was alive and well in a photograph taken at the INM, which was located at a military facility.

“I thought the photo was beautiful, but then I saw that it was not,” he said.

“And then I realised that it’s not just a picture.

The photo was never meant to be taken by someone who was a spy, who would kill someone. “

It was a terrible, terrible tragedy.

The photo was never meant to be taken by someone who was a spy, who would kill someone.

I thought it was very disrespectful to my country.” 

Mr Reynoso added: “There is a great sadness in all of us here in the country that I can say that the picture has become such a famous tourist attraction. 

Who was Julio repo? “

For the people who take the photo, it is a moment of reconciliation, and a moment that we can all look back on in 20 years,” he added. 

Who was Julio repo? 

According to Julio Reynososo, the photograph was taken at a hospital in Cuba.

A few months after his father’s death, the US Embassy in Havana contacted him.

“We told him, ‘Look, we know you are a man of principle and have a strong desire to be a part of this country.

We’re here to help you, so please come back,'” Mr Reynoso said. 

He said he never thought that the image of the ex-president would become such “a famous tourist treasure”.

“I never thought it would become something that people would want to share with their families, friends and colleagues,” he explained. 

Image: AFP Mr Rioso said that people have come forward to share their memories of Julio, which are still being published in many publications around the world. 

His mother said that they are still not sure if they will be able to meet the former Commander in Chief. 

‘I hope this will make him feel better’ “There are people in the world who have lost loved ones, and we are in the same situation, but I think we are a different country, with different people,” said Julio Reyno, who has become involved in politics in the past.

“We have our own difficulties and we will be living our own life, but at least we have Julio’s picture. 

A number of politicians have called for Mr Reynoso’s arrest, saying that he should be prosecuted. 

 ‘We are not the ones who did this’ Mr Quintanilla, Julio Reynosa’s son,”

[The picture] will have a huge impact on people’s lives, and I hope this image will make Julio feel better,” he told reporters. 

 ‘We are not the ones who did this’ Mr Quintanilla, Julio Reynosa’s son,

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