How to repair an iPhone 5S with a DIY fix

How to repair an iPhone 5S with a DIY fix

Apple has a patent for a method for fixing a broken iPhone 5, but it’s not the same as a repair.

We’ve seen several different ways to fix an iPhone with an iPhone 4S, but none of them have worked as well as the latest iPhone 5s.

The repair method we’ve heard of that has worked in some cases is using a piece of foam that can be stretched out, and a piece that can then be pulled back in and glued onto the phone.

The process works well, but its a bit laborious and requires a lot of patience.

The new iPhone 5fixer we heard about, which uses an electric motor, has been working with the iPhone 5 in a similar fashion, but is far more reliable.

Apple says the new fixer can do a better job than the previous one at repairing a phone with minor damage to the screen, and the battery life is much improved too.

The problem with the previous fixer was that it was a piece with a small amount of adhesive on it, and it would pop off if you pulled it out of the phone too much.

The fixer we tested uses a much more sturdy foam piece that doesn’t have that adhesive, and doesn’t pop off so easily.

It also has a bit more flex than previous models, and can handle bending and twisting better.

It’s more stable and has more grip than previous iPhone 5 fixers, but the results aren’t great, either.

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